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Installation of natural gas – LPG

Gas is the modern solution for home and business in terms of heating your home, hot water, air conditioning and cooking.

The home gas installation includes the following:

  • Design, approval process, installation and connection with gas supply – LPG
  • Preparation of a study and its submission to the Gas company.
  • Control by the Gas company, installation of a meter and connection of the house to the natural gas.
  • Gas boiler ignition, test and delivery of the installation.

Our long-term involvement in the gas sector is directly linked to the perception that the future of the planet concerns us all!

Maintenance and repairs

Continuous support and annual maintenance according to the instructions and specifications of the manufacturers.

The proper operation of a gas installation and ensuring maximum efficiency of the system requires a quality and systematic maintenance. It is important that any inspection or maintenance work is performed by specialized technicians, while from our side it is necessary to keep a specific file with the documents concerning our system and the maintenance procedures that we have carried out.

Procedures such as maintenance of gas appliances, cleaning of the boiler, adjustment of the burner must be done at least once a year.

Cleaning of heating networks

The cleaning of the heating network is the ideal solution for problems of existing and old networks, mainly due to the deposits of mud and metal chips.